ZK3 - Introduction

ZK enabled Social Protocol


Welcome to Zk3, Zk3 aims to bring zero-knowledge technology to decentralised social networks. Our goal is to enable users to interact on social networks with the utmost privacy and security, using cutting-edge cryptography and blockchain technology.

Our project comprises two main components: a smart contract system and a GraphQL API. The smart contract system is responsible for managing the interactions between users, enforcing the rules of the network, and maintaining the integrity of the membership system. The GraphQL API provides a flexible and efficient way for developers to interact with the system, allowing them to build a wide range of applications and services on top of it including web 2.0 integrations.

Please note that this documentation is experimental and subject to change. We are constantly working to improve the system and may make significant changes to the API or smart contracts in the future. We welcome your feedback and suggestions, and encourage you to get involved in the project if you're interested in contributing.

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